Non - alcoholic drinks


Ristretto / espresso / lungo 8g2,00 €
Espresso doppio 16g3,30 €
Espresso macchiato7 8g2,50 €
Cappuccino7 8g2,50 €
Flat White7 16g3,50 €
Café latte macchiato7    8g2,50 €
Bezkofeinova káva  6,25g2,30 €
(Decaffeinated coffee)


Tea Dammann - tea by daily offer 0,3l2,70 €
Fresh mint, ginger, mint & ginger 15g2,70 €


Coca-cola / Coca-cola zero      0,33l2,30 €
Fanta, Sprite          0,33l2,30 €
Kinley tonic water / Kinley ginger ale / Kinley bitter rose        0,25l2,30 €
Cappy 100% - orange / apple / multivitamin / strawberry 0,25l2,50 €
Fuze tea - peach and hibiscus / strawberry and aloe vera 0,25l2,30 €
Vinea - white / red 0,25l2,30 €
Jarritos - mango / mandarin / pineapple / guava / tamarind / lime / grapefruit / cola 0,37l2,90 €
Romerquelle - still / sparkling / lemon grass 0,33l2,30 €
Redbull 0,33l3,50 €


Dulice y caliente 0,5l / 1l3,60 € / 7,00 €
Orange, red grapefruit, pomegranate syrup, tonic reduction, soda
Cerezo negro 0,5l / 1l3,60 € / 7,00 €
Lime, cherry puree, homemade chai syrup, soda


Yummy 0,28l4,50€
Cider, poppy syrup, fresh lime juice, soda
Hashtag 0,25l4,50€
Hibiscus extract, homemade raspberry shrub, lime cordial, soda


Jalisco 0,08l12,50 €
Siera Blanco Milenario
Reveals the scents of black pepper, fruit and the fresh character of dried fruit
Herradura plata
Fruity and citrus tones with slightly sweet vanilla, the taste is soft and refreshing
Kah Reposado
Spent 10 months in French oak barrels, you can smell vanilla or caramel here
Patron añejo
The scent of oak wood, raisins and vanilla, in the end you can smell the caramel or smoke


Oaxaca 0,08l14,00 €
San Cosme
Has a beautiful complex taste with smoky, spices, caramel and vanilla, it is produced in small series
Planta Santa reposado
Full of agave, spice and warm aloe vera with a strong spicy aroma and spice
Del Maquey Mezcal Vida
The taste is fruity, spice, cinnamon and finally tobacco, spicy aroma with hints of citrus and smoke
Marca Negra espadin
The taste smells of well-cooked agave with a touch of charcoal, later developing citrus fruit tones with a hint of freshly cut herbs


Tijuana 0,08l11,50 €
Kah añejo
The taste of fine tobacco and milk chocolate, the aroma is accompanied by a lot of sweet caramel and vanilla
Casamigos reposado
Has a taste of caramel, roasted agave and butter vanilla, at the end it shines with spice and smoky
Del Maquey Mezcal Vida
The taste is fruity, spice, cinnamon and finally tobacco, spicy aroma with hints of citrus and smoke
Planta Santa añejo
It has a beautiful complex taste with smoky, spices and vanilla, the smell of wood and mature agave